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We welcome contributions! There’s incredible synergy within the wellness community and our readers want to hear your take on how to be well at work.

Some Guidelines:

  • All posts must be original. Posts must not have been published or submitted elsewhere, including your personal blog.
  • Source all health claims. If you mention a statistic or study or make a food-related health claim, tell us how you know. We prefer links to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. Put relevant links in brackets: [http://wellandwork.com/blog/].
  • We do not use posts created to boost SEO or plug a product or brand. We’re happy to accept submissions that reference your business or service as long as it is in line with our philosophy.
  • Put relevant links in brackets: [http://wellandwork.com/blog/]. Please do not hyperlink.
  • Photos are appreciated, but not required. You must have permission to use any photos you submit.


What We’re Looking For:

  • Recipes: Recipes must be appropriate for individuals with a busy work schedule, i.e. quick breakfast options, office lunches, and 30-minute dinners. Nutrition is our focus so all recipes must be free of added sugar, processed grains, artificial ingredients, and unhealthy cooking methods. Focus on integrating nourishing ingredients to enhance performance and stamina, rather than low-calorie foods. Gluten-free, dairy-free, or paleo recipes are a plus. Please include a photo of your recipe.
  • Healthy Office Lifestyle: If you’re an expert in a complementary wellness field, we would love for you to share new ways to stay well at the office! Examples might be fitness, mindfulness, stress management, ergonomics, sleep, family health, travel, etc.
  • Personal Stories: If you or someone you know has found a way for their health to thrive in the midst of a busy work environment, we want to hear about it! Please include any health issues faced, challenges and setbacks to implementing a healthy lifestyle, and creative solutions to those challenges.



To submit, email us at drew@wellandwork.com:

  • Your full post with a working title. Send this within the body of an email.
  • Any relevant images for your post. (Send as separate files, not posted within a doc.)
  • Your bio (120 words or less) with links to your website and social media pages, in brackets: [https://www.facebook.com/wellandwork/].
  • A headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.
  • By submitting to Well+Work you acknowledge that you have permission to use all content and agree to any form of editing we deem necessary.


Please be patient as we review your entry. Submitting an article doesn’t guarantee publication. However, if and when your article is selected, we’ll contact you. Thank you for considering joining us as we inspire hard working people to thrive.


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