In the Kitchen With: Sabina Chazanas of LaNatura Natural Skin Care

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I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Sabina Chazanas as my first guest in a new blog series titled “In the Kitchen With…” where I interview individuals that are supporting well-nourished bodies through their work. Sabina is doing just that as the founder and owner of one of my favorite natural skin care brands, LaNatura

From stories of growing up in Italy, to the motto, beauty isn’t a secret – it’s a lifestyle, Sabina’s traditional and holistic view of wellness resonates with what Parisi Nutrition is all about. She’s a genuine expert in the area of skin care and has shared some fabulous tips with us on how to have naturally beautiful skin, from the inside out. Enjoy!


Tell us a little bit about your story and what inspired you to pursue a career in cosmetics.

For me, “natural” and “organic” have always been more than just trendy buzzwords – they have been a way of life since I was a little girl. San Ferdinando di Puglia, where I grew up, is an agricultural area known for its rich land and abundance of home grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. My grandfather taught me that the fruits of the earth were not just delicious food, but also the secret to beautiful skin, hair, and overall health and well-being. On long bicycle rides through the countryside, he would teach me to pick wild herbs like chamomile and mint, and put olive oil in my hair to keep it soft. The lessons he taught me made a huge impact and I always knew that I would be in the natural cosmetic industry. In my early adulthood I moved to England, where I trained as an esthetician at London’s prestigious Arnould-Taylor Therapy College. From there I worked with Revlon and Clinique in sales and marketing. I worked very hard to make something for myself and eventually became Senior Consultant at Clinique where I was tasked to launch the Clinique brand in South Africa. It was so exciting and one of the best times in my life. With all the great skills I had learned I decided to branch off and try my hand at running my own business. I moved to Los Angeles and opened my own store in Beverly Hills named LaNatura. The original store carried exotic and natural products I had discovered in my travels for Clinique, but soon I realized that I could make these products too! From that little idea I started LaNatura brand products, making and bottling the products in my own kitchen at the beginning. My inspiration was always to do something that my grandfather would be proud of, and I feel like I have succeeded in LaNatura.

Your website says, “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your body.” Why is using pure, natural ingredients a priority for LaNatura and why should we, as consumers, follow this guideline?

We live in a toxic world, where environmental factors are constantly affecting us from the inside out. For the sake of our health and longevity, we should try to counterbalance our environmental toxins with as many “clean” choices as possible. We as consumers have two choices, to fill our bodies with chemicals or to nourish with pure and natural ingredients. Using a chemical or synthetic body lotion instead of all natural formulas like ours is the same as choosing the drive-thru over cooked vegetables. We all know what the better option is; if it’s available to you why not make that better choice? I just couldn’t take pride in what I do if I knew that I was selling a product that essentially was “fake.” You need real ingredients to get real results.

How does one transition from her normal beauty routine to a cleaner routine?

The best rule when buying beauty products is that you can read and understand the ingredient list. Granted some ingredients, even natural products, are written in “INCI” which is basically the scientific name. For example, on our ingredient list we use a lot of Shea Butter; the INCI is Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit. We list both the common and INCI names on our packaging so that everyone can read and understand pure ingredients. If you cannot get a straight answer about what an INCI means by doing a simple search, it’s probably not something you want to put on. It is important to stay away from chemical products such as silicones, heavy metals, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petrolatum, and PABA ingredients in particular. We also do not use any ingredients, natural or otherwise that have been tested on animals or come from animals.

LaNatura facilities production

What role do you think diet plays in skin’s appearance?

For me, diet contributes 80-90% to skin’s appearance. Everything that goes into your body plays a great factor in how you look, feel and function. Diet provides nourishment and if you are malnourished, you tend to look more dull, and even grey at times. If you eat a healthy diet full of nutrient rich foods then your skin tends to thrive and glow. Oils are regulated throughout the body making skin more supple and moisturized. Eating goodies like “super fruits” and the Omegas are said to fight free radicals which contributes to the health of your skin on a cellular level.

I noticed many of your products are gluten-free. Why is this important to LaNatura and where might gluten be hiding in other cosmetics?

We have access to so many different ingredients and why not choose the safest of those for our luxurious products? With new allergies popping up all the time, we have to be thinking ahead. Gluten is a major concern for people right now and many people have discovered in the last few years that symptoms they had encountered over their lifetimes were actually due to an allergy to gluten. We absorb about 60% of everything that we put topically on our body, so we strive to make our products safe for everyone to use. Gluten can be found in many oils, specifically Wheat Germ which is found in many products. If you are not allergic to gluten, then this is by no means a “bad ingredient,” but we prefer to play it safe.

If you could give us one skin care tip, what would it be?

Drink water! Lots of water. Personally, I drink at least 50 oz. of water a day. It keeps you moisturized and, of course, hydrated from the inside out. This goes back to the diet point. I feel and see the effects immediately when I haven’t had enough water. You may not see the toll dehydration is taking now, but if you up your water intake I guarantee you will see the benefits.

What are your must-have LaNatura products?

Our Superfruit Pure Vegan Body Butters are essential. I use it everyday and have for years. I rely on it fully to keep my skin soft and moisturized all day long. Of course our shea butters are excellent, but some, like me, prefer a creamier texture during application and a few added benefits from the additional oils. The Shea Butter base alone is excellent for your skin, but then, for example in our Matcha Green Tea Body Butter you get the antioxidants from the Matcha Green Tea Powder, the soybean oil which is ideal for hydrating and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, grape seed oil for improving skin texture and toning vitamin E that helps to reverse skin’s aging process. It has definitely kept my skin glowing throughout the years.

Sabina Chazanas LaNatura roots and cooking

At Parisi Nutrition, we’re all about food. What is your favorite, easy meal to cook at home after a long day of work?

I would say my favorite thing to cook is soup. Any kind of soup, really. I’m very into lentil soup right now. It is very easy to make and so delicious. I love the warm, comforting quality of soups, especially after a long day at work or an intense spinning class. I like to season mine with curry powder and turmeric.

At Parisi Nutrition our goal is to cultivate well-nourished bodies through whole foods and a pure lifestyle. What foods or practices make you feel nourished?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key for me. I start every morning with a warm cup of lemon water, sometimes with a splash of ginger. The lemon just instantly makes me feel bright and awakened! I continue my day snacking on nuts and eating meals that consist of delicious greens, bright tomatoes, avocado, fresh mozzarella and herbs. I grew up eating very clean on a farm in Italy, as my grandfather taught me and I have always carried the importance of that with me. I also work out at least three times a week with different, fun exercises. My favorite right now is my Brazilian Butt Bootcamp. Like our motto at LaNatura says: Beauty isn’t a secret, it’s a lifestyle. For me this means it’s not enough to just eat green. It is a combination of healthy practices including nutrition, exercise and all the products you use.

Isn’t that the truth? Be sure to check out LaNatura‘s products when you’re ready to upgrade your beauty routine and connect with Sabina on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or email info(at)

Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi, NC is a certified nutritionist, foodie, and amateur gardener, helping entrepreneurs and other busy people develop nourishing food habits to fuel their dreams. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, son, and 1,000 paper cranes.

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