The Best of The Breakfast Club

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Last month many of us embarked on a 28-day challenge to take the time to eat breakfast every day. My co-hosts and I shared photos of our own breakfasts (scroll down to see the “Best Of”) and the challenge participants pinned their favorite recipes to our group Pinboard (which you can view here). It was a wonderful experience that was both challenging and educational, but I think the most important thing that happened last month is that we all fell in love with breakfast.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love breakfast. The truth is, I don’t know if my friends actually know the extent to which I love breakfast. I think my husband has a good idea – he proposed to me over homemade breakfast burritos (Husband interjects: Please note that the proposal included a lot more than breakfast burritos – it was EPIC). Clearly he know what he wanted and exploited my weakness to get to it.

Isn’t waking up in the morning the very best thing that can happen in a day (the idea being that if we didn’t wake up, nothing else would be possible)? Breakfast is a celebration of that. 

The transition from sleep to wake is valuable. The mingling of dream-life and real-life provides fresh perspective. Problems are solved. Plans are made. Priorities are set. Breakfast gives us time and space to think and become fully awake.

Just like a killer outfit, new shoes, or red lipstick can add some spunk to your attitude, breakfast can inform who we are each day.

Food is the story we tell our bodies. Each bite a word, each meal a message – I’m happy, I’m sad, I care about you, I’m too tired to care…Breakfast is the beginning of each chapter. Let your story say I love you and let each breakfast say you’re important and I believe in what you will accomplish today.

If I were to create a restaurant, it would be a breakfast restaurant called “Put An Egg On It” serving all sorts of seasonal vegetable combinations topped with a poached egg (of course there will be options for people with egg sensitivities). There will be a cozy corner for those who stumble in wearing their pajamas to curl up with a book and a seating section to see and be seen for the fabulous ladies who brunch. It won’t be a destination restaurant, it will be a local spot for regulars because breakfast is ordinary, and that’s the beauty of it.

We eat breakfast because it’s been a long time since we last ate and we’re hungry. Breakfast is eating in its simplest form: food as fuel. It’s often repetitive, rooted in habit, on the verge of tradition, and I love it.

The Best of the Breakfast Club:

Almond Pancakes

Best allergen-free: Shirley’s Almond Pancakes

Made with almond flour and a banana, get your healthy sugar fix and protein kick all in one.

photo 1Most beautiful photo: Natalie’s Sprouted Toast with Almond Butter

and Mixed Berry Chia Seed Jam

This grown-up version of peanut butter and jelly is deliciously warm, and hits the spot without all the sugar of your childhood version.

smashed eggsBest Quick & Easy: Drew’s Smashed Eggs

To make this quick, keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge so you’ll be ready at any time. The recipe is simple: smash some hard boiled eggs in a mug and add a dollop of good mayonnaise, dijon mustard, sprouts, and flax seeds.

Sweet Potato HashTop Pick for Weekend Brunch: Gillian’s Sweet Potato Hash

This sweet potato hash with caramelized onions, sausage, rosemary, and eggs will be a hit with the whole family and makes for great leftovers too!

photo 1Everyday favorite: Drew’s Leftover Quinoa

This is a fantastic and simple recipe from It’s All Good to make whenever there’s leftover quinoa in the house. Simply sauté some kale and garlic, poach and egg, and you’re done!

polenta sausage pepper and eggsMost Creative: Gillian’s Polenta and Eggs

Most people wouldn’t think of eating polenta for breakfast, but leftover polenta makes a great base for eggs – especially when paired with red bell pepper and sausage.

HeartBeet SmoothieBest Smoothie: Natalie’s Valentine’s Day HeartBeet Smoothie

This superfood smoothie packs a delicious punch with raw kale, raw beets, and raw cacao! Rich and satisfying, you’ll probably want to make this everyday. If you don’t have a protein powder you use, you can give the smoothie extra staying power with a half cup of certified gluten free oats, or a couple tablespoons of almond butter.

Honorable Mentions: Blueberry Lemon Biscuits, Sweet Potato Kale Quinoa Frittatas, Bacon Avocado and Tomato Toasts, and Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie

Congratulations to all the challengers for completing 28 days of The Breakfast Club!

Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi, NC is a certified nutritionist, foodie, and amateur gardener, helping entrepreneurs and other busy people develop nourishing food habits to fuel their dreams. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, son, and 1,000 paper cranes.

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