A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

November 11th, 2013 Posted by Food for Thought 7 thoughts on “A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving”

gluten free thanksgiving image40+ Recipes for an Allergen-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite holiday. It is the one holiday that is celebrated by nothing other than sitting around a table with dear family and friends, enjoying the bounty of the harvest. The food is (for the most part) seasonal, and often prepared by a group; the seasoned cooks passing tradition down to the younger generation. Lean eating during the year sprinkled with occasional feasting makes for a healthy body and soul.

But what’s a gluten free eater to do on this bread and pie holiday? Have no fear! With just a few adjustments, your gluten, dairy, egg, and sugar free diners will feel right at home and no one will know the difference. Below is a brief explanation of which allergens to look for in traditional Thanksgiving foods as well as links to delicious, allergen-free recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers. Enjoy!

Turkey: While turkeys should be gluten free, a small number of producers do inject potentially allergenic ingredients into the meat in order to ensure a juicy, evenly cooked turkey. If you are purchasing a turkey, simply read the ingredients to make sure it doesn’t contain any allergens. Many roast turkey recipes call for butter, so if you’re avoiding dairy, you can simply add water to the bottom of your roasting pan and baste the turkey with the juices that collect in the pan.

GravyGravy: Homemade gravy combines the juices from the cooked turkey with flour for a thick, savory sauce. To make a gluten-free version, you can simply use a gluten-free flour. Here are some tried and tested recipes and ratios:

StuffingStuffing/Dressing: Stuffing is one of the elements of Thanksgiving dinner that is most problematic for people following a restricted eating plan. Most recipes contain gluten, dairy, and eggs. The good news is, it’s easy to make a delicious, allergen-free version that everyone will love! For a gluten-free stuffing, you can simply substitute the bread in your favorite recipe for a gluten-free bread or gluten-free bread crumbs.

Mashed PotatoesMashed Potatoes: If you’re making gravy, you have to have mashed potatoes! Mashed potatoes are commonly made by combining potatoes with milk and butter. It’s quite easy to substitute the dairy in many recipes for either your favorite milk alternative (almond milk, etc.), or with olive oil and chicken or vegetable broth. If you are looking to reduce the starch in your meal, try cauliflower mashed “potatoes.”

Green Bean CasseroleGreen Bean Casserole: I know not everyone eats this, but green bean casserole has long been a tradition in my house. However, the cream and fried onions render it inedible in my book. If you’re a lover of green bean casserole, you’re in luck! There are plenty of nourishing ways to serve green beans this Thanksgiving.

Butternut squashVegetables: Preparing an assortment of vegetables is an easy, allergen-free way to round out your meal and highlight the produce of the season.

RollsBread/Rolls: While it’s quite simple to skip the rolls if you’re avoiding gluten and provide standard rolls for your guests, it is possible to make delicious, gluten-free rolls at home. You’ll be sure to impress your guests and will feel like your gluten-free Thanksgiving isn’t lacking a thing.

Cranberry SauceCranberry Sauce: Cranberry sauce is a delightfully sweet accoutrement to the Thanksgiving table. While it is naturally gluten, dairy, and egg-free, I’ve included some wonderful recipes that don’t use refined sugar so you can upgrade your entire meal.

Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie: I’ve definitely eaten my way around the crust of a homemade pie, but taking the time to make a gluten-free version will make your Thanksgiving meal complete. The quick and easy version would be to purchase a pre-made, gluten-free pie crust to fill with your favorite pie filling. However, there are plenty of allergen-free pie recipes if you’d like to make one yourself!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi, NC is a certified nutritionist, foodie, and amateur gardener, helping entrepreneurs and other busy people develop nourishing food habits to fuel their dreams. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, son, and 1,000 paper cranes.

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7 thoughts on “A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving”

  1. Avatar Christine says:

    I think this a great idea as to how to incorporate gluten-free foods into such an important dinner as Thanksgiving! Even though I’m not a gluten-free eater, I think it’s wonderful that you’ve provided so many options for those who are gluten-free. Not only are the recipes different because of the gluten and or dairy, they seem to be totally different than what has been made every year in majority of households. I think it’s a good idea to redo some recipes to change things up a bit! Thanks for this!

    1. drew drew says:

      Thank you Christine! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Avatar Dorothy Herbst says:

    Drew, I was wondering what I was going to do about Thanksgiving. These recipes are great! So glad you put this together for us.

    1. drew drew says:

      I’m glad you like them, Dorothy!

  3. This is such a helpful list of recipes — and it includes so many of my favorite food bloggers. Thank you so much for including my Coconut Almond Green Bean recipe! Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving! (It’s my favorite holiday, too!)

    1. drew drew says:

      Thanks Melissa, and thank you for all your great recipes!

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