Purify: Spring Clean Your Body in 7 Days!

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  • Are you ready to shed the extra body fat you’ve stored over the winter?
  • Do you want to enter summer feeling clean and lean?
  • Do you want to renew your commitment to healthy habits and need some ongoing support to do so?
  • Are you wishing for increased vitality, energy and stamina?

Group cleanse takes place April 12-18, 2015. 


Join us in a 7-day cleanse to give a little love to your liver and enter the warmer months feeling leaner, cleaner, and greener!

  • Blueberry smoothieLose the sluggishness that comes from problem foods and toxic overload
  • Learn new habits to promote energy and vitality
  • Listen to and address your body’s needs
  • Love and appreciate food for the life it gives
  • Lean into the spring season by purifying and renewing your health

What you’ll learn:

  • The important function of your liver and how to care for it so it will take care of you!
  • The benefit of regular, seasonal detoxification
  • How toxins may be creeping into your system through food and our environment
  • What you might be doing to inhibit your body’s detoxification capabilities and how to counteract those habits
  • How to prepare nourishing meals to support a vibrant and energetic body
  • How to continue to support your liver even after the cleanse program ends

Your 7-Day Purify Cleanse Includes:

  1. Introductory video class to explain how the liver functions, what you’ll be doing during your 7-day cleanse and how you can get started immediately preparing yourself and your kitchen for our start date of April 6th
  2. Daily meal plans for the entire 7 days with tips on how to deviate from the plan so you can stick to the detox no matter what your schedule may be
  3. Delicious recipes to choose from with options so you can choose the intensity level that’s right for you
  4. Optional smoothie recipes and cleansing product recommendations for enhanced detoxification support
  5. Handouts to support class teachings and cleanse protocols
  6. Initial symptom questionnaire and goal setting
  7. 24/7 email support from Drew throughout your entire 7 days of cleansing!

“This was an easy program to follow and I loved that I was allowed flexibility with the recipes to mix and match the meals. Drew is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and her videos are encouraging as well as informative. After completing the program I feel as if I have more energy and my body feels better. My husband’s eating has improved too and he wasn’t hungry at all on such a balanced eating plan!”

– J. Wallace, Sonoma, CA

Spring brings new growth, earlier mornings, and presents us with a powerful opportunity to revitalize our health. Just like we “spring clean” our desks, kitchens, and homes, we can cleanse our bodies of refined foods, toxins, and anything else that can slow down our system. We’ll spend 7 days removing problem foods, learning to limit our toxic exposure, and caring for our liver. Signs of a sluggish liver can include:

  • Fresh foodDull skin tone
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Premenstrual tension
  • Arthritis
  • Indigestion after high-fat meals
  • Sensitivity to fragrances
  • Frequent drug reactions

Even if your liver is healthy and strong, spring is the perfect time to recommit to healthy habits that will support and maintain a lifetime of good health.

Purify: A Spring Cleanse

Group Cleanse Dates: April 12-18, 2015

Your Cleanse Includes:

  • Introductory video class
  • Daily meal plans for each day of the cleanse
  • Recipe packet
  • Handouts and tips to support class teachings and protocols
  • Initial symptom questionnaire and goal setting
  • 24/7 email support from Drew during the 7 days of cleansing!
  • Optional: Recommended products for enhanced detoxification
You CAN do this!
  • You’ll be provided with 3 different cleansing options so you can choose the intensity level that’s right for you.
  • You’ll be able to download all the materials so you can do the cleanse on your own timing, if necessary
  • You’ll have the support and accountability you need to stick with it!
  • Your liver will thank you!

Purify is the spring installment of Drew’s seasonal cleansing programs. We commit to caring for 4 different areas of our health each year through seasonal cleanses in order to maintain a well-nourished body.


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Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi

Drew Parisi, NC is a certified nutritionist, foodie, and amateur gardener, helping entrepreneurs and other busy people develop nourishing food habits to fuel their dreams. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, son, and 1,000 paper cranes.

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